IELTS Listening Some Frequently Asked Questions

IELTS Listening: Some Frequently Asked Questions  

When it comes to listening, students usually come up with queries whose answers are hard to find. But this blog will clear the air by answering some of the frequently asked questions.  

The Best IELTS Centre in Amritsar has collected nine frequently asked questions that the IELTS test takers have sent us about the listening section.   

We are sure you will find these answers useful in the listening section and in the other parts of the IELTS test.  

Using Capital Letters 

Question 1: Would my answer be marked wrong if I write in capital letters, for example, writing ‘Fourteen’ as ‘FOURTTEEN’? 
Answer: As per the official guide, ‘You may write answers in lowercase or capital letters.’ 

Academic Vs General Training 

Question 2: Differences between the academic and general training listening tests? 
Answer: IELTS listening test is the same for both academic and GT. There are different papers in the reading and writing tests. 

Using Acronyms 

Questions 3: Can I use short forms or acronyms in answers? 
Answers: There are just several acceptable abbreviations that you can use in all parts of IELTS like 10am / 10 a.m., 100m, 5kg, amongst a few others. In some cases, even some well-known acronyms are allowed like UK, US and IELTS. However, to avoid losing marks, you should try to write the full form of a word if you can spell them accurately. For example, if the answer is New England, do not write NE.   


Question 4: What happens if I spell a word wrong? 
Answer: You will not get marks. There will be no half-a-mark deduction or there will be no negative marking. Answers in the listening test hardly involve long and difficult words but if you still struggle with the spellings, practice as much as you can.  

Listening to Accents 

Question 5: Can I choose the type English to be included in the Listening test? For example, I find Australian accent difficult to understand! 
Answer: Unfortunately, you cannot and IELTS Listening test involves more than single accent like received pronunciation (British), general American, etc. So, it is a good idea to practice not just from one source, but multiple others. If you want to improve your Listening and Speaking skills at the same time, try hearing different accents from varied sources.  

Writing Numbers 

Question 6: I am not able to understand how to write answers with numbers. Should I write them in words or figures?   

Answer: Either of the above will work: 2 or two

Reading the Question Paper 

Question 7: Will I have question paper in front of me while listening? 
Answer: If you are taking paper-based IELTS test, then yes. First, you must listen carefully and then note down the answers quickly in the appropriate slot. You will then be given time to write final answers on the answer paper after the recording ends.  

If you take the computer-delivered IELTS test, then you will see the questions on the screen and answer them as you listen to the recording. 

Writing in Pauses 

Question 8: Can I write during the pauses between sections? 
Answer: Yes, it gives you time to read the questions ahead and you can highlight the keywords to know the gist of the entire recording.  

Explaining All Four Sections 

Question 9: Difference between all four sections? 

Answer: The first section can be about anything like you can get a call from a car dealership to book a restaurant table. The second section may involve a floor plan or a map which you will have to study carefully. The last two sections are related to academic subjects with the last one generally harder than the first sections. 

It is good to know the difference between all four sections as it mentally prepares you ahead of the test. Further Reading 

It will be great to gather as much information as you can about frequent mistakes, helpful materials and useful tips before sitting the exam.  

All the above questions are quite commonly asked to us by the students who are about to take IELTS. There are a lot of other queries too that we will address in our next blogs. 

If you are also looking forward to taking IELTS, contact the best IELTS Centre in Amritsar. 

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