Useful Tips to Boost Your IELTS Listening Score

Useful Tips to Boost Your IELTS Listening Score

IELTS Listening is about active listening which involves paying due attention to the audio. You will listen to four audios and answer the questions that follow.  

The first audio of the IELTS listening will be the conversation between two people. For example, it can be a tourist booking a hotel room on call/online.  

The second audio will be a monologue. There will either be discussion or an explanation on any topic. For example, a professor explaining how does computers work. 

The third audio will be a conversation. In this, there can be three, four or five speakers. The topic under discussion can be related to anything like studies etc.   

The fourth audio will also be a monologue. Of course, the fourth is a bit more complex than what you will listen to in the second audio.   

Get Familiar with Queries  

Different queries will be asked in which you will be required to fill out the blanks, label diagrams, match the following, complete the chart like flow chart, pie chart etc. It is always good to practice answering different questions.   

Read Questions Many Times Before You Listen to Audio 

You will be given enough time to check some questions before listening to the audio. Use that time and read the questions thoroughly.  

For Example: Who is the circus cat? 

Script: Anna knew nothing about circuses. Her friend who was a good athlete was a part of the group. So, she proposed that Anna must take interest in performing the role of the cat and she agreed to it.   

Answer: Anna 

Check Out the Spelling 

It is quite possible that you listen to the correct answer but make a spelling mistake. Spelling mistakes are taken seriously. You cannot expect the examiner to mark your answer right if there is any error. 

Pneumonia – Correct 

Neumonia – Incorrect 

Write As You Listen to the Audio 

You will have to write as you listen. This is considered the toughest. You will have to focus on two tasks at the same time. Listening and writing the answers to the questions. 

Skip Difficult Ones 

If you miss out on any information, do not panic. Be ready for the next piece of information. Else, you will not be able to answer the following questions. You should not spend more time on questions that are difficult to answer. 


You can come to questions that you have left answered previously. Guesswork may help you. Of course, you should not leave any questions unanswered. You never know, the answers might get right.  

Take IELTS Listening Practice Tests

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